What is Form?

Form is a discipleship, leadership, and missional training year for young adults ages 18-29. It is a life-changing year of self-discovery, hearing from God, and being trained for a lifetime of following Jesus in an increasingly post-Christian culture.

What is the TIME FRAME of Form?

It is a 8 month program that goes from September to May, similar to a college year.

What is the structure of Form?

Gather together every Tuesday from 8:30 to 4:00pm and every Thursday from 8:30 to 2:30 for teaching/training
One evening, twice a month Life on Mission training
Starts September 10, 2019. Ends May 18, 2020. 
Participants can live with a missional household/community or with another formee
Regular engagements in the staff rhythms of Grace Gathering
Missional community engagement and training in other missional experiences
Serving in some ministry capacity to implement what they are learning
Interaction with church leaders from around the country within 3DM events

What is the teaching and training content?

Form participants will be trained in the core DNA of tools, language, and philosophy of missional discipleship that church leaders and missionary organizations are receiving all over the world. It is deeply rooted in Scripture, the lifestyle of Jesus, and contextually tailored to living in an increasingly post-Christian culture.

Who will be investing in the Form Participants?

There will be a Form leadership couple on staff that will oversee the program and help train and disciple the participants. Other leaders will invest both formally and informally. Participants will have the opportunity to regularly interact with a team of pioneering national and international leaders who are practitioners on the front lines of living and leading a missional discipleship movement.

Is it possible to work or go to college during the Form year?

Yes. The structured aspect of Form takes place during set hours on Tuesday/Thursday, therefore, participants can work around that to take classes and/or work. Working a full-time job or taking too many classes is not advisable as Form will require 20 hours a week of dedicated time.

"I was working part-time, finished my college degree, got engaged to be married, and did FORM. It wasn't easy, but it was worth it!" —Aaron

What are the Goals of Form?



  • Disciple making

  • Missionary Engagement

  • Devotional living

  • Hearing and being led by the Holy Spirit

  • Scripture Study

  • Leading groups

  • Personality/Spiritual Gift Assessments

  • Missional Community Leadership

  • Creating a Personal Development Plan


Learn and practice life skills such as:

  • Rest and rhythm

  • Time management

  • Confidence in Identity

  • Conflict management

  • Healthy family practices

  • Financial management

  • Forgiveness and Healing

  • Decision Making about Future


Is this specifically for those preparing for full-time vocational ministry?

No. Form is intended to give an intensive training environment for a year to prepare young adults for a life-calling of missional discipleship in their community, church, and any vocation.

How much does Form Cost?

The cost for the 8 months is $2,500. This is due at the beginning of the program.  This includes all programming fees, administration, and lunches on the Tuesday/Thursday structured days. This fee does not cover housing. There is a $250 scholarship for any applicant who refers another person to FORM and that person is accepted. There is additional cost for reading materials. Books can be purchased at reduced cost through FORM.

There is additional fundraising needed for our International Immersion experience. 

You might ask, "why does it cost $2,500?". In comparing the cost to a college education (even just a semester) or similar discipleship training programs, you will find that FORM is not only affordable, but an affordable and reasonable price for the value of what you will experience. Similar experiences cost $5,000.

"Without FORM, it probably would have taken me 9 years instead of 9 months to learn to hear the voice of the Lord." —Hannah

"FORM has been worth the cost because it has made a substantial and lasting difference in how I view my relationship with Christ, my relationship with others, and what following God with my whole life really means." —Malachi

How should a participant pay for Form?

The goal is that the entire amount will be raised by contributors. This will include family, friends, and church. Many people raise more than half of this amount simply for a two-week missions trip. With prayer, some training, and online resources like GoFundMe, Form participants may be surprised how feasible it will be to raise this entire amount and what God teaches them through that process alone. No one should let the cost be an obstacle. Some past FORM participants have used savings to supplement. Ask about our scholarship opportunities. 


As part of the FORM experience you will be participating in two retreats, a young adult Christian conference, 3DM training workshops at Grace Gathering, and a week long international immersion experience.


During the year we will have two retreats. One to start the year, and one to end the year. These cover a Monday night through Wednesday morning. The cost for these are included in your FORM tuition fee. 


During Christmas Break we take a five-day trip to a young adult training and worship conference. All lodging, transportation and breakfast costs are included in your FORM tuition. There will also be opportunity to be a part of leadership training conferences that take place at Grace Gathering. Cost of these is included in your FORM tuition. 

International Immersion Experience

We believe it is invaluable for young adult leaders to experience what God is doing in an international context. Near the end of year you will take a week long international immersion trip. We currently have a relationship with Empower International in Haïti. Empowered International provides discipleship and business training for young adults aging out of the orphanage system in Haïti. Costs for this trip is kept under $1,000. You can raise this money upfront during your initial fundraising, raise it along the way, or pay for it another way.

Housing Opportunities


The FORM journey is not just about receiving information on Tuesdays and Thursdays. We want to give everyone that does FORM the opportunity to learn what it means to live in a family on mission. Living in community with other committed missionaries is an invaluable part of the experience. Community Housing varies but is kept affordable, if available. Cost does not cover food or other living expenses like laundry, cleaning, etc.

Other Housing

If you do not end up living with a missional family or household, we will help you find housing that fits your budget. If you're interested, we can connect you with another incoming formee to help share cost.


Yes.  FORM originated more than 20 years ago in Sheffield, England.  There are now expressions in the U.S. in Minneapolis, Kansas City, Washington State and Fort Wayne.

What are the requirements for being accepted?

One must be a growing believer in Jesus, agree to a general statement of faith, fill out an application, submit two character references (one being from a home church leader), have access to personal transportation, have a high school diploma, and pass the interview process. Applications will be received from now through August 1, 2019.  Submitting applications as soon as possible is advised so that applicants can be reviewed and accepted to maximize the amount of time for raising funds before the September 10, 2019 start-up date.