As part of being in FORM, we have a rotation of FORMees who share reflections publically with the staff at Grace Gathering and the rest of the FORMees. It was Emma’s turn recently and she shared the following thoughts:

     “I recently went back to my home in Michigan for Thanksgiving break. I was kind of slapped in the face with what an odd transition of life I am in. I have been here in Fort Wayne, growing in my faith and just learning simply how to be an adult, away from my parents.

     While back in Ann Arbor, I was able to recognize how my thoughts and actions seemed immature and different than what I had been experiencing in my new home here. It felt weird to live without your parents and then to go back and live the life you’ve been used to where I followed rules and had certain thinking in their household. Keep in mind, I have been super legalistic and very harsh on myself which I have been definitely growing in but I felt that coming back. I realized this is a transition I am sure most people go through when they come home from either college or whatever they are doing away from family. I explained my thoughts to my dad and we had a nice conversation about it.

     I like to pick out little golden nuggets, or what stands out to me, in conversations and this time it was my dad telling me “if you want to be treated/feel like a woman, you need to act like it.” This ties along with how I have been feeling spiritually and what I have been learning recently. I have been surrounded by amazing Christian leaders and people PASSIONATE about Jesus. And ultimately, I want that. I am inspired and I look at those peopled want to be like them, be with someone like them, and surround myself with people like them.

     I noticed how I would get on spiritual highs and lows and I just wanted to be at an even keel. So I asked for advice on this and was told to look at my seeking. How much effort was I putting in? How much time? Was Jesus my #1 priority? It hit me that if I want to reach my spiritual goals or the kind of Christian I aspire to be, I need to ACT LIKE IT. And ultimately, take action. It is going to look different. It will not be easy. There will be sacrifice, crosses that need to be carried, habits that need to be broken and choosing to place your time into seeking opposed to what you’re used to.”

Then Emma shared 1 Chronicles 28:9-10 with a challenge. We’ll at those next time.

Until then,

Be present

Be God’s

-Ben :D