Just over a week ago, I prayed that God would teach me about respect (see To Fear or Admire pt. 4). Funny enough, He seems to have replied in a somewhat unexpected way. It was unexpected to me because I guess I carry an expectation that God teaching me means that something will suddenly go terribly wrong in my life and I’ll be punished in a way I won’t soon forget. My understanding of correction appears to be overwhelming force which I won’t dare crossing again.

Scripture claims in Romans 2:4 that God’s kindness is intended to lead us to repentance. So I guess I shouldn’t be too surprised that He is redirecting me via kindness while I seek to respect/fear Him. He did this by speaking in two different ways.

I went to the OneThing conference over New Year’s. At the conference, the FORMees went to the prophetic ministry. There are two people who ask God for what He would like to say to us to edify, encourage, and console us as Paul describes in 1 Cor. 14. They shared they felt God had given me a gift of wisdom and a desire to understand Him. I have never met either of these two before but I am completely confident my friends who know me would testify the same. One then shared that he believed God wanted to share Job 28 with me. Seeing as God seemed to be speaking to me through His people, I decided to read Job 28.

Job spends the whole discourse talking about wisdom as a hidden treasure. But Job ends this blurb by saying that the fear of the Lord is wisdom and to turn from evil is understanding. I was bemused when I read this. Surely God had heard my prayer.

When I read a passage in the Bible and want more insight, I generally google Matthew Henry and the passage I’m looking at. He wrote a commentary on the whole Bible and I’ve found his thoughts to be by and large helpful. So I decided to see what Henry had to say about Job 28.

Before we get into that, I want to mention the other way God seemed to get my attention in responding to my prayer about respect and fearing Him. It came out of a difficult conversation with my fiancé. The conversation was hard more because I realized I was being somewhat selfish even while I spoke to her. I’ll share about the conversation next time and hopefully then we can get back to Job 28.

Until then,

Be Present

Be God’s

- Ben :D